Coding Course: Android Development Bootcamp

Launch a career in tech as an Android Developer in 15 weeks. Our coding courses are 4 day weeks, and fully remote so you can learn from anywhere.

Coding Course

Become a professional Android Developer in 15 weeks

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of Android app development with our immersive Android Development Bootcamp. In just a few weeks on our coding course, you’ll go from a complete beginner to a skilled Android developer.

Taught by fully qualified teachers and industry experts, you’ll publish a portfolio of apps and have the career support to launch your new career in as little as 15 weeks.

Coding Course
15 week course (4 day week)

Embark on a transformative journey from beginner to skilled Android Developer, with 400+ immersive hours of live instruction

Fully remote

Learn from home with our fully remote program, featuring live sessions, group work, and personalized support, all delivered through a seamless virtual learning environment.

4 day week (Mon-Thu)

A condensed schedule over a longer number of weeks allows more time to absorb the learning, while balancing life commitments.

Career support

We're committed to helping you succeed, including after the course, offering ongoing support to launch your career.

What you will learn on this coding course

During the course you will gain hands-on experience in core and modern Android technologies.

You’ll work in project teams, designing and testing apps, and learn how to publish to the Play Store.

By the end of the coding course, you will be equipped with both a wide array of knowledge and skills, as well as a deep understanding of how mobile engineers go about their work as you’ll have been working this way from day 1.

You will learn:

Build a portfolio

You’ll develop a collection of apps to showcase your skills to potential employers

Fully qualified teachers

Our courses are taught by teaching professionals and expert mobile engineers

Become an Android Engineer

Expect to apply for roles as an Android Engineer by the end of the course


Apps in your portfolio


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A comprehensive coding course to launch your new career

Our course is a launchpad to teach you not only how to make Android Apps, but how to think like a software engineer. You’ll have the knowledge and skills to make professional-grade Android Apps, and you’ll have a deep understanding of core programming concepts too.

Teaching you the right tools, technologies and design approaches, you’ll be building out a portfolio of apps to showcase employers. We’ll work like software developers from day 1, and by the end of the course you’ll be ready to apply for your first role as an Android Developer.



Prior to starting the course we’ll provide some pre-course materials for you to work through.

You’ll have a 1-to-1 with your course mentor who’ll ensure your tools and software are working well.

You’ll have an introduction to the basics of Android Development to work through at your own pace.


Week 1

Getting Started

Get ready to hit the ground running! We’ll start working like a real development team from day 1, including working in an ‘Agile’ way. We’ll start making apps from your first day, and get you setup with your Play Store account.

  • Agile Working
  • Working with Android Studio
  • Introduction to XML / Building Layouts
  • Introduction to Programming Languages / Java
  • Creating & managing a Google Play account
Week 1

Week 2-3

Core Android

We’ll make sure we have a solid foundation in the core concepts of Android development, as well as many programming fundamentals, and move from Java into Kotlin.

  • Activities, Intents, & The Manifest
  • RecyclerViews
  • Kotlin
  • Fragments
  • Debugging
  • GIT Version Control
Week 2-3

Week 4-6

Databases & App Architecture

Almost all apps need a way of storing and retrieving data, so we’ll learn the modern way of managing databases in Android apps. We’ll take our code organisation skills to the next level, reorganising out code into a popular Architecture, MVVM (Model, View, ViewModel).

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Jetpack’s Room Library
  • MVVM
  • Databinding
  • Jetpack Navigation
Week 4-6

Week 7-9

Web APIs

We’ll break outside of the confines of our own app and reach out to the world wide web. We’ll fetch in data and display it in our app, using the standard libraries in Android for this.

  • Introduction to Web APIs
  • HTTP requests and responses
  • Retrofit library
  • Json
  • NoSQL & Firebase Firestore
Week 7-9

Week 10-12

Advanced Android

We’ll level up our app skills by drawing on the power of modern Android phones, using the special hardware and features that can do more than just a website. We’ll also look at more technical skills around testing your code logic, testing the User Interface automatically, and some advanced code organisation techniques.

  • Camera, Maps, Biometrics (fingerprint)
  • Unit Testing
  • UI Testing
  • Dependency Injection
  • Jetpack Compose
Week 10-12

Week 13-14

Final Project

Putting it all together, now is your opportunity to make your showpiece app. With support from our tutors, you’ll choose an appropriate project to complete within the 2 weeks, applying many concepts, and the goal is to have this published on the Play store.

  • The “Full” App Development lifecycle
  • Clean Code
  • “Production-Ready”
  • Analytics & Crashlytics
  • ASO (App Store Optimization)
Week 13-14

Week 15

Career Launchpad

You have the knowledge. You have the skills. You even have multiple projects with all of your code published, and the apps to show for it. It’s time now to take the first steps into launching your career.

  • The perfect ‘one-page’ CV
  • Example Tech Tests
  • Interviews: what to expect
  • Where to find the best jobs
  • Developing your online ‘presence’
  • Applying for your first job (before the course finishes!)
Week 15

Meet Our Lead Instructor

Every coding course will feature a dedicated Lead Instructor as well as mentors – we strictly have a 1:7 mentor to student ratio.

Vin Norman

Lead Android Engineer / Fully Qualified Teacher


How to enrol

The application process can take between 1-2 weeks, and you’ll have some pre course materials to work through to help you hit the ground running, so we encourage you to apply early. 

Beginners welcome

No prior experience needed, just a passion for tech and the motivation to learn.

Book a call with one of our instructors

Enjoy a 30-minute informal call where we discuss your current situation and your aspirations for a career in mobile development.

Take our tech challenge

Show us how you handle starting to work with code.

The challenge will be simple, and we’re looking at your approach more than anything.

Setup payment & get started

Choose a payment option, including 10 months interest-free or a scholarship.

You’ll then have access to our pre-course materials and chat channels in preparation for your first day!

Our next coding course

Next start date

Monday 18th September

Fully online / remote


15 Weeks

4-day week
Mon – Thu, 08:45 – 17:00



0% Finance Available

**Limited number of free/discounted scholarships available!** – Get in touch to find out more


Pay in full or spread the cost

Pay in full

A deposit of £500 secures your place on the course, and then the balance needs paying prior to your first day.

Pay over 10 months

We have partnered with Knoma to allow you to pay in 10 monthly instalments, totally interest free at 0% APR.


Our most common queries, answered

We have listed some of our top questions about our coding course below, however if there’s anything extra you need to know, please get in touch with the button below.

No, we don’t require any sort of degree or background in computer science, or maths.

What you do need is a natural enthusiasm for mobile apps and technology, the right attitudes and an aptitude for learning, and patience and determination.

Yes. As this is for the Android platform, there are no specific requirements for whether you have a Mac, Windows or Linux machine, and prior to the course starting we will get you fully setup with the programs and tools you’ll need. Please read the minimum specifications for Android Studio, shown at the bottom of their download page here as it will need to be powerful enough to run the code you write. If you have any questions about your machine, please get in touch.

We want to make the course accessible for as many people as possible, and as one of the only live courses for Android development in the UK, we don’t have to align with the high prices that all the web development bootcamps seem to have. We want to set a new standard for learning native Mobile development.

You’ll receive a grand total of 435 hours of contact time at Go Native. You’ll receive intensive support and top-quality teaching throughout your time here.

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